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Beat The Bullies Use Your Brain is the first in The Herman Homunculus© workbook series designed to help with the articulation of difficult emotional issues faced by so many of today's youngsters, at the same time giving them a clearer understanding of the wonders of the brain.

Lynda's main motivation in life is to help both young and old achieve autonomy and a high level of self-worth. Although Lynda's messages are serious they are always presented in a fun, light-hearted way.

Lynda Shaw is a registered chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and member of the Professional Speaking Association as well as entrepreneur and author. With previous experience in the business world, she has also lectured in Psychology and Neuroscience at Brunel University and conducted research on brain function and impairment, specialising in consciousness, emotion and the effects of ageing.

Lynda is also a hugely popular speaker with an innovative, practical and immediately applicable approach, she offers insights into a variety of relevant and often controversial issues.
Her conviction and enthusiasm are infectious and - as will be confirmed by anyone who has ever attended one of her sessions - no one ever dozes off when Lynda's got the floor!

Charity work, includes voluntary social work for the elderly, has worked on committees for the NSPCC and RNLI and is an ambassador for the Children's Society.  Lynda also provides support to Progeria Research at Brunel University.