Beat The Bullies Use Your Brain

The Herman Homunculus© Workbook Series

​The first in the HermanHomunculus© series.

Smashed glasses, cruel words and horrible threats from school bullies make Lonely Leony’s life a misery to the point where she runs away. As she sits quietly plotting revenge a strange voice persuades her to think again.

The voice belongs to Herman Homunculus©, the little man who lives inside her brain. With a whoosh, they land inside Leony’s head and they go on a fun-fuelled roller-coaster ride through her brain. Herman Homunculus© shows her how the brain works; what makes us happy or sad; how to deal with emotions and how to fix bullies.

Lynda Shaw holds a PhD in neuroscience and has written a series of children’s books for parents, teachers and children to read together. They’re a brilliant way to help children think and talk about life’s challenges through exciting stories as they turn each page to find out what happens next.

Ways to use these books.

A PHSE Lesson in a book!

Each book in the Herman Homunculus© series tackles a difficult topic that is often included in PHSE lessons.  No lesson plans needed!  They are a fantastic tool to use as text books. 

Training ​Programmes in Schools

Fun filled training programmes for 8-10 year old children in schools learning about the brain whilst tackling life's difficult challenges. 

Individual Reading

These books are designed, not only for group debates but also for children to read alone or with an adult.  Proven to stimulate discussion about worries and concerns.

Book Review

My class loved your book! The kids used the first 2 chapters to write how they could be a hero in the playground and what they would do to help Leony.  Lots also continued the story as she ran away!  It was a fab literacy lesson.  Thank you from all of Hawthorn Class.

Fay Pollitt Teacher